The Best Karaoke in LA

34 private rooms

Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge has 34 private rooms, with a variety of food and a full bar on the menu. With over 4000+ songs which are updated monthly, a visit to Pharaoh will surely be unforgettable!


Private Party

Any occasion (bachelor/bachelorette parties, casual get-togethers, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate outing) can be celebrated with a night of singing some beloved tunes with your buds, indulging in a drink or two and nibbling on amazing dishes, all the while being soaked up in a club-like atmosphere.

Sometimes, we all just need to unwind and have some fun.

Many people who are all work and no play, haven’t a clue about how to relax and have some fun. Often times, we find ourselves in a desperate need to relieve, relax, and recharge with a group of good friends. So what’s the best way to let loose and enjoy a nightclub atmosphere? A night at Pharaoh, of course!